Need some encouragement

November 27, 2011

Hi all – thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.  It has been a blast to write it.

When I started, I had hoped to here from other guys or couples in similar circumstances or from bulls who might be in a position to help.  I’ve received a few comments but not many.

Anyway – I would like some feedback on how you feel about my stories.  The more I hear, the easier it will be to respond and write more.  Thanks!


Dawn on all fours - being submissive

What now?

August 17, 2011

It’s been two months since my wife opened up during sex and admitted she had fucked another man multiple times very recently.  I’ve probably cum a hundred times imagining the different ways it may have happened.  In a second heated-moment admission, she told me the first time had actually happened in his truck, not far from where they met.  I’m not sure if he fucked her but undoubtedly shen sucked his fat cock and knowing her, she loved every minute of it.

I’m traveling now and the opportunity is there again for her to meet him – a very GOOD opportunity.  I’ve tried to get her to open up to me again but she’s gone quiet.

A desire I have (and I can’t exactly explain why) is to help her get ready for any potential meeting – especially one where he comes to our house.   I’ve scoured lingerie sites looking for what I think would look good on her and then buy it for her to wear for him.  Why?  Maybe because it highlights her being his dirty little slut, presenting her married body in a very overt “Please fuck me” outfit.  Mmmmmm – my married wife in lingerie wordlessly begging another man to use her married pussy in every way possible.


Dawn in "Fuck Me" outfit

She did it again …

June 18, 2011

Not sure if anyone is reading here and it’s been a long time since posting but something happened last night that was TOO fucking hot.

About two years ago my wife told me she was turned off by the talk of fucking other men and that she didn’t want to hear me say anything about it anymore.  I tried but she was adamant.  I pretty much said nothing and our sex life dropped off – a lot.  A couple of times during the infrequent sex romps I’d make a less direct comment like “you’ve thought about another guy doing this, haven’t you?” and she even admitted that yes, she did.  I asked if there was anyone specific and she wouldn’t say.  I left it at that.  One other time I told her she could let another guy fuck her and she didn’t have to tell me.  She questioned that and I told her that was correct.  I didn’t think anything of it.

A few months ago we were out of town – first time alone on a trip in forever.  We had a great hotel room with a fireplace and one night she knelt between my legs and sucked me for 30 minutes or more.  While she did that I told her I’d pay huge sums of money to see her doing that to someone else. She smiled and said she’d think about it.  Again – I knew she was merely toying with me – that her straight-laced nature would never let her be with another guy again.

So – anyway … that was the last time we had sex until last night.  We went out with friends and it was a rare occasion – no kids at home.  We cam back after way too much too drink and I told her I’d eat her pussy.  She said “right”.

“Spread ’em” I said and dived into her pussy.  She was shocked but loved it.

We swapped and she went down on my cock so I made the usual comment about whether she had thought about doing this to someone else.  Well, the alcohol may have had something to do with it but she stopped sucking and told me “how do you know I haven’t?”

I called her a liar knowing she was merely teasing me as she does when she is horny – she knows how excited the idea gets me. She didn’t stop and told me that had sucked another guy very recently.  I called her a liar again but then time had doubts.

“No way!” I thought

I kept asking and she started giving details that were too real to be made up.  He had come over for a meeting about school with some of the parents and had been the only one to show up.  She claimed she started it by making the first move.  I’m not so sure but she was specific about sucking his cock while he sat on the couch and at that point I knew – she had not only sucked him but let him fuck her as well.

“He fucked you, didn’t he?!”

“Oh Yeah” she told me “Right here on this bed”

I still thought it was a tease but she told me how he left for a bit to go get condoms and then how his cock was not as long but thicker than mine (which she loved).  She continued and said it had happened not just once but three times and the most recent was just a few weeks ago. She plans on seeing him again once school starts back in August.

So my innocent church-going wife has become a real slut!

New Yahoo groups site

April 28, 2007

Here is a nice Yahoo group site (private) worth checking out if you are into the cuckold lifestyle

Making a hotwife › Create New Post — WordPress

It was dark and I couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife was sitting on my lap eagerly unzipping the pants of a man we had met only once before. His hard cock popped out of his pants and my wife practically lunged to it to wrap her lips around the swollen head. She nursed it hungrily as if it contained the sustenance of life; she couldn’t get enough. This shocked and aroused me since I had no idea she could be so I fingered my wife’s increasingly wet pussy under her skirt, getting the direct indication of how excited this deviant act was getting her.

This night was the second stage of three steps for Dawn to be our new friend’s slut. The first stage was a 5 minute “hello” meeting at a local mall I made Dawn arrange. I was not present for the meeting and was surprised she had gone through with it. I think she was as well. Tonight was meant to be an “oral-only” night. The third stage, planned for the coming weekend, was meant to be at a hotel where my wife would allow him to do any and everything to her.

We had met about 30 minutes before at a very secluded beach on the islands. Dawn had dressed in a casual skirt and top, underneath a half bra and no panties. Once at the beach we had chatted casually for a few minutes and Dawn was obviously tense. This was very new territory for her and it was obvious she was outside her normal comfort zone. Even so, I could tell the tension was sexually-based to a large extent and as we talked I leaned over and began massaging one of Dawn’s breasts.

“I think you’d be more comfortable if you opened this up” I said as I tugged gently on her buttoned top. With only a half-whispered “OK”, Dawn unbuttoned her blouse and opened it to completely expose her breasts. The half-bra lifted her tits and pointed her very erect nipples upward. Our guest commented on how nice the view was.

“Would you like to feel them?” I asked.

“Of course” he said and moved over toward my wife. It struck me how at this point my wife was simply there, a plaything I was offering to this other man. She did not protest or utter a word but merely sat there as I offered her body and he accepted. His hands began moving over her tits, kneading the flesh and gently rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Dawn did not say a word; she simply sat back and let our new friend have his way with her body. She closed her eyes and seemed to revel in letting this stranger massage her nude upper body. I sat back and watched, taking in what was actually happening – my wife allowing a virtual stranger take advantage of her.

I watched and after a few minutes suggested to Dawn “Come here” and patted my lap. I knew she did not have panties as she had asked for my guidance on dressing. Dawn moved over, sat down, and our friend stood in front of her, his crotch perfectly positioned in front of her face. He began loosening his belt and Dawn needed no further invitation. This in and of itself was incredibly exciting to me. Normally my wife rarely takes the initiative in sex and watching her hungrily digging for her stranger’s cock was a surreal experience.

By the time my fingers got to my wife’s pussy, she was already dripping down her thighs. The night was turning out to be a bigger turn-on than even she had imagined. I could see his fingers, inches from my face as he wrapped them behind Dawn’s head. He gently thrust into my wife’s willing mouth, moaning and sighing as my wife’s tongue worked around the tip of his cock.

I fingered Dawn’s clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. I began whispering in her ear “Suck his cock baby. Your such a little slut!”.

This sent Dawn’s new friend over the edge and he began softly yelling as his cock began pulsing its load into my wife’s waiting mouth. She has always loved the taste of cum and eagerly swallowed his sperm as his cock pulsed and sprayed down her throat. Dawn’s body convulsed into a shattering orgasm and my hard cock was left alone – an orphan in this cuckold experience.

I was overwhelmed when Dawn eagerly agreed to have a 3-some with B. Of course B was excited by the possibility but a bit wary as well. We all talked about it and looked forward to the weekend when we could make the arrangements to be together. The sex between Dawn and I was unquestionably the best we ever had. We were up until 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning each night fucking ourselves like crazy talking about and discussing the upcoming 3-some.

I spent a lot of time thinking the scenario through – I wanted it to be more than simply a “go-to-the-hotel-room” fuck. I discussed the plans and when the night arrived, Dawn and I hopped on our Harley and met B near my office. We had a bit to drink (not much mind you) to loosen up a bit and I encouraged Dawn to show B the thin stretch top under her motorcycle jacket. It was obvious to B my wife did not have a bra on underneath. We chatted for a bit and then the three of us left to head to the hotel. About halfway there, I diverted to a parking lot and suggested to Dawn that she ride the rest of the way to the hotel on B’s bike with him. She agreed and hopped on the back of his bike.

There I was, riding down the highway behind my friend and my wife, watching as they headed to the hotel where he would soon be fucking her. I saw Dawn’s arms around B and knew he had to be as hard as I was. Sure enough, as we pulled up to a red light, Dawn leaned over and told me “He’s very hard.” Wow! My wife had taken the initiative and had been rubbing this other man’s cock. The reality of the scene hit me – I was hard because my innocent wife wanted this man to fuck her. Why was that?

We got to the hotel and in the room Dawn changed from jeans to a slutty short skirt, tight red top, and high heels. I wanted to really make this night memorable and we left from there to walk down a few blocks to some strip clubs. Dawn had never before been remotely interested in seeing the inside of a strip club but unlike me, she listened to B’s desires that she see what it was like. This actually got me going a bit (not in a good way) – why was she so willing to listen to him but completely blow me off on things like this? I got over it and we headed down the street. The strip clubs were packed and Dawn got too nervous with the crowds of guys so we headed to a trendy restuarant. We had dinner together and then made the walk back to the hotel. On the way back, several cars full of guys honked their hornsand yelled out, obviously enjoying the slutty look Dawn was giving.

I had previously planned with Dawn that once in the room a good way to help break the ice and set the mood was for Dawn to give us a fashion show. Dawn complied and she went through about 5 outfits, each getting more revealing and sexy. B and I were in chairs next to each other watching the show and basically stripped down to less and less as Dawn revealed more. On the next-to-last outfit, Dawn knelt between my legs and let B watch as she put her cock in her mouth. She sucked on my cock for a minute or so and then moved over toward B. She looked at me and asked “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”. I nodded and expected her to hesitantly put B’s cock in her mouth. Although it happened a few years ago, I’ll never forget the next sight. Dawn eagerly put B’s cock in her mouth and hungrily began nursing and sucking his cock like a hungry calf. B’s head shot back and my wife eagerly sucked and licked his cock in a way I couldn’t remember her doing to me. I was shocked and surprised but the sight made me even harder.

B and I soon had Dawn on the bed and each of us began nursing on her tits, our hands mutually exploring her pussy. I watched as B moved up and Dawn kissed him deeply with an amazing amount of tongue action. Was this my wife? It was an out-of-body experience watching as my wife passionately kissed this other man. After just a few minutes, Dawn was in an incredible state of arousal – her nipples were hard and erect, her pussy soaking wet, and her hips unconsciously moving and pumping as if mindlessly searching for a cock. We shifted and Dawn began sucking on my throbbing cock as B moved down to begin eating my wife’s pussy. Dawn is normally an incredible cock-sucker but with B’s tongue darting in and out of her wet hole and dancing over her clit, her mouth only seem half-interested in my dick.

I pulled away to watch the action. I used the opportunity to take some pictures of the action and savored the moment as my eyes took in the sight of another man sexually satisfying my wife. Dawn and B were lost in their passion and for all intents, I was not even there. B’s cock was like a spike – hard and long and it was not long before I heard Dawn begging B in a low tone that I could barely hear “Please fuck me. I want you inside me” I nearly came on the spot. I moved over so I could watch and B obliged by going slow. My wife had stretched her legs as far as possible and her wet cunt was wide open for B’s hard cock. I will never forget the sight as the head of B’s cock pressed into my wife and disappeared into her cunt. B went halfway into her and pulled part of the way out. Then in one move, he thrust his cock into my wife’s waiting cunt and heard the sound I thought had been reserved for me – my wife’s gasp and then moan as her pussy stretched around a hard cock.

I knelt on the bed beside them, watching as my wife eagerly gave her body to another man, watching as another man pumped his cock into my wife’s pussy, watching as they quickly lost any sense that I was in the room.  I listened to Dawn’s moans, whimpers, and screams as B thrust and pumped into her.  I watched her legs wrap around him, her hands moving to his ass and pulling repeatedly to draw him further into her.  It struck me that I was watching another man primitively working to impregnate my wife and I was watching as she willingly accept it.

B was “surgically-safe” as they say.  Dawn had never liked birth-control and I hated condoms so for the most part of our marriage I pulled out at the right moment.  Not B – I watched ands listened as he began moaning and saying “I’m going to cum!”  This sent Dawn over the edge “Yes – cum in my pussy!  Shoot into me! Fill me up!” she was screaming.  B’s ass and then body began convulsing as his cock started shooting deep into Dawn.  Dawn’s hips rocked up and down to nurse every drop of cum from his dick.  She wrapped her arms around him and held him close for several minutes and then looked at me and said she wanted more …