Cuckold experience – the night at the beach

November 20, 2006

It was dark and I couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife was sitting on my lap eagerly unzipping the pants of a man we had met only once before. His hard cock popped out of his pants and my wife practically lunged to it to wrap her lips around the swollen head. She nursed it hungrily as if it contained the sustenance of life; she couldn’t get enough. This shocked and aroused me since I had no idea she could be so I fingered my wife’s increasingly wet pussy under her skirt, getting the direct indication of how excited this deviant act was getting her.

This night was the second stage of three steps for Dawn to be our new friend’s slut. The first stage was a 5 minute “hello” meeting at a local mall I made Dawn arrange. I was not present for the meeting and was surprised she had gone through with it. I think she was as well. Tonight was meant to be an “oral-only” night. The third stage, planned for the coming weekend, was meant to be at a hotel where my wife would allow him to do any and everything to her.

We had met about 30 minutes before at a very secluded beach on the islands. Dawn had dressed in a casual skirt and top, underneath a half bra and no panties. Once at the beach we had chatted casually for a few minutes and Dawn was obviously tense. This was very new territory for her and it was obvious she was outside her normal comfort zone. Even so, I could tell the tension was sexually-based to a large extent and as we talked I leaned over and began massaging one of Dawn’s breasts.

“I think you’d be more comfortable if you opened this up” I said as I tugged gently on her buttoned top. With only a half-whispered “OK”, Dawn unbuttoned her blouse and opened it to completely expose her breasts. The half-bra lifted her tits and pointed her very erect nipples upward. Our guest commented on how nice the view was.

“Would you like to feel them?” I asked.

“Of course” he said and moved over toward my wife. It struck me how at this point my wife was simply there, a plaything I was offering to this other man. She did not protest or utter a word but merely sat there as I offered her body and he accepted. His hands began moving over her tits, kneading the flesh and gently rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Dawn did not say a word; she simply sat back and let our new friend have his way with her body. She closed her eyes and seemed to revel in letting this stranger massage her nude upper body. I sat back and watched, taking in what was actually happening – my wife allowing a virtual stranger take advantage of her.

I watched and after a few minutes suggested to Dawn “Come here” and patted my lap. I knew she did not have panties as she had asked for my guidance on dressing. Dawn moved over, sat down, and our friend stood in front of her, his crotch perfectly positioned in front of her face. He began loosening his belt and Dawn needed no further invitation. This in and of itself was incredibly exciting to me. Normally my wife rarely takes the initiative in sex and watching her hungrily digging for her stranger’s cock was a surreal experience.

By the time my fingers got to my wife’s pussy, she was already dripping down her thighs. The night was turning out to be a bigger turn-on than even she had imagined. I could see his fingers, inches from my face as he wrapped them behind Dawn’s head. He gently thrust into my wife’s willing mouth, moaning and sighing as my wife’s tongue worked around the tip of his cock.

I fingered Dawn’s clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. I began whispering in her ear “Suck his cock baby. Your such a little slut!”.

This sent Dawn’s new friend over the edge and he began softly yelling as his cock began pulsing its load into my wife’s waiting mouth. She has always loved the taste of cum and eagerly swallowed his sperm as his cock pulsed and sprayed down her throat. Dawn’s body convulsed into a shattering orgasm and my hard cock was left alone – an orphan in this cuckold experience.

4 Responses to “Cuckold experience – the night at the beach”

  1. brianfox Says:

    hmm just wondering why you tagged this post with patrik fiori… didnt make sense

  2. We have been swinging and cuckolding for a long time and it works really well for us. We highly recommend it. We have our own blog at

  3. mat magic Says:

    My wife and I are moving in this direction. I have read and thought about cuckolding for a long time. I was very aroused reading your story and imagining that taking place with my lovely wife. Mmmmmmmmm!

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